Perfect Shield - 32oz

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A carefully crafted easy-on , wipe-off synthetic polymer and sealant solution meant to produce a higher transparent gloss and slickness on the paint while sealing out its pores or micro imperfections from the daily driving elements.

Extending the life of our coatings is key for taking care of our investment. Our car needs a way to enhance and maintain such properties that will unequivocally be damaged over time if a durable protection is not used within our car detail process.


Perfect Shield carries the indicated coating maintenance technology through carefully crafted sealants to provide that most wanted water beading and repellency. It is a shield we definitely must add to our paint coated surface in order to push dirt and contamination away.

 Perfect Shield is the ultimate detailing product that works toward a greater result and premium care offered to work on any color paintwork and virtually any exterior surface. Makes detailing faster, easier with a hard to beat transparency and clarity on your paint!

- Advanced long lasting UV protection.

- Repels and protects against dust, dirt, oil and rain.

Produces a durable and brilliant shine.

- Safe on paint, glass, chrome, metal and plastic.

- Zero haze, zero streaks. No scratches or marring.

- Solution can be applied at direct sunlight without compromising results.

* Clean surface first before applying for ultimate results.

Perfect Shield - 32oz
Perfect Shield - 32oz

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