Quick Detailer - 32 oz

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A great way of getting your car ready for a car show or a much simpler way to give your paint a unique shine while protecting its clear coat within your maintenance routine. UV rays will find it harder to act against your vehicle preservation and rain will be repelled 100% once using our Quick Detailer. It is the choice to vitalize your paintwork with all these extra benefits, Faster and Easier !.


This unique and versatile premium carnauba wax, cross-linked polymers and sealants formula removes dirt and contaminants from paint while achieving a phenomenal mirror finish look. Every treated surface will benefit with a prominent water repellent effect. An outstanding choice to use as a stand alone detailing solution to keep your vehicles clear coat in a perfect maintenance condition.

 - Advanced long lasting UV protection.

 - Zero Haze, Zero Streaks. No scratches or marring.

 - Works on any surface whether clean or dirty, wet or dry.

 - Solution can be applied with or without direct sunlight without compromising results.

Quick Detailer  -  32 oz
Quick Detailer  -  32 oz
Quick Detailer  -  32 oz
Quick Detailer  -  32 oz

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