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A powerful non-acidic cleaner and degreaser formulated with biodegradable detergents. Designed to work safely and exceptionally well on any wheel type whether powder coated, chrome, polished aluminum, painted or matte black.

You have tried the rest, so now it's time to be blown away by the cleaning properties of our Wheel Cleaner. We have developed this formulation to be the fastest dirt, grease and oil reacting cleaner that is safe to use on all types of wheels. To achieve this, we have designed our solution to be pH neutral , but also powerful enough to clean any soil. A consciously crafted formula that is the most perfectly lubricated cleaner to get a fully decontaminated and shiny wheel surface.

- Quickly dissolves oil, tar & grease.

- Easily removes brake dust and other tough soils in a manner of seconds leaving behind no residue.

- Moderate-foaming and free-rinsing.

- Non-corrosive & pH-neutral.

- Pleasant cherry scent.


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