Wheel Well & Undercarriage - 32oz

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Sprayable premium dressing that evenly spreads on surfaces in order to restore lost luster to painted undercarriage parts, rubber pieces, plastic trims, fender liners and wheel wells once detailing any truck or off-road vehicle. Weather-resistant and rust-prevention formula achieves a high performance shine and phenomenal results within minutes.

- Protects against dirt, dust, road salt, rust and filth while providing a rich black shiny finish.

- Prevents cracking and color fading of materials. Its purple color spontaneously will turn to a deep black shine after time passes with improved durability.

- Protects and covers your hard-to-reach areas in one easy step. Restores faded surface back to new condition.

- Designed with unmatched durability and water-proof properties that seals out materials to all filth throughout the seasons.


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