About us

MASTERS WASH AUTO CARE was born of a passion for automobiles and the never ending quest for aesthetic perfection.

Our effective and professional auto detail solutions allow to clean cars thoroughly using pH balanced, non acidic formulas that gently work on any vehicle's finish.

 Our company takes pride on delivering top quality car care formulas. We always have a single bet and is that your car will look sparkling clean as though it had just come from the showroom once using any of our products.

 Achieving that new car feel has been our goal along with various levels of overall car care to suit our customers needs. Our main focus is to guarantee a uniform, shiny and polished view of your paint surface where several wax types, crossed-linked polymers, premium sealants, UV paint protection agents and clear coat conditioning formulas have been explicitly designed to exceed on this purpose, your car immaculate luster.


 No hard efforts will be needed within your car maintenance routine, we have already taken this out of your way, just a friendly and enthusiastic wave of these chemicals applied with just a bit of knowledge on its proper technique for best use will definitely achieve the most wonderful results you have ever dreamed of. Any of our products will provide constant and unyielding protection on your vehicle while also releases properties to rejoice color and block contaminants in order to prevent rust, corrosion, dirt and salt build-up keeping it smooth, glossy and clean.

 We extensively test every chemical product, each of them will carry a plethora of great benefits where your car finds and regains his true identity and appearance. They will simply make surface feeling incredibly slick and phenomenally protected with the highest level of care.

 We have crafted a variety of solutions that suit to every car owner, so no matter what you drive, whether that car be one of the finest and more expensive automobile brands in the market or just a car that you simply show proper care in order to feel it, smell it and show it looking nice and fresh, with MASTERS WASH AUTO CARE you will always get unparalleled detailing results, the ultimate products to preserve your automotive investment and the one that only caters to bring out the full beauty of it!.